NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Congressmen Blast Sessions’ Voting Rights Record, Trump’s Circus Presser, New Interest In President-Elect’s Taxes After Russian Dossier Release


Congressmen Testify Against Sen. Jeff Sessions

Senator Cory Booker and Congressmen John Lewis and Cedric Richmond testified against Senator Jeff Sessions during day two of his confirmation hearing to become attorney general.

Booker made history as the first sitting senator to testify against another senator up for a cabinet post.

During his testimony, Sen. Booker (D-NJ) said: “The arc of the moral universe does not just naturally curve toward justice, we must bend it. America needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to bend the arc. Sen. Sessions’ record does not speak to that desire, intention, or will.”

Trump Faces Renewed Scrutiny Over Taxes After Russian Dossier Claims

During a contentious press conference on Wednesday, Donald Trump finally agreed that Russia was behind the Democratic hacks, but disputed new reports that the Kremlin has incriminating information about him.

The dossier about the President-elect’s alleged connections to Russia has renewed calls for the release of his tax returns.

Thurgood Marshall College Fund & Koch Foundation Partner For $26M Research Initiative

Johnny TaylorPresident and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, made a major announcement on NewsOne Now on Thursday that will affect Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund will partner with the Koch Foundation to establish a $25.6 million dollar research initiative titled the Center for Advancing Opportunity.

The multi-million dollar initiative funded by the Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation will begin “listening to the African-American community and other fragile communities,” Taylor said.

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