NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: SCOTUS Rejects Texas Voter ID Law Appeal, Trump Screws Over Homeowners, Michael Eric Dyson Talks ‘Tears We Cannot Stop’


The Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of a lower court ruling that found Texas voter ID requirements discriminated against Blacks and Hispanics.

The decision of the High Court dealt Texas Republicans a major blow in their efforts to revive strict voter ID requirements found to discriminate against minorities.

During Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed the Supreme Court’s move and whether or not instances of massive voter fraud is taking place in the nation––a claim Republicans are making in many battleground states.

Trump Abandons Low-Income Homeowners By Decreasing Annual FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums

On day one of his term in office, President Donald Trump signed an executive order halting a plan that would help buyers purchase homes.

The move by the nation’s new Commander-in-Chief could cost low and medium-income homeowners as much as $900 per year.

Dr. William Spriggs, chief economist for the AFL-CIO, and Julian Epstein, public affairs and communications counselor for the LawMedia Group Inc., spoke with Roland Martin about how Trump’s decision to not allow lower federal mortgage insurance rates to take effect will impact struggling Americans.

Political analyst and author Michael Eric Dyson just released his latest literary work that The New York Times called, “One of the most frank and searing discussions on race … which should take its place in the tradition of Baldwin’s ‘The Fire Next Time’ and King’s “Why We Can’t Wait.’”

Dyson spoke with Roland Martin during Tuesday’s edition of NewsOne Now about his new book, Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon To White America, and why his work is so vital in this current political climate.

WeathyU: Turn Buying Power Into Economic Power

America’s wealth coach Deborah Owens joined Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now to explain how you can increase your financial prosperity with the help of your family and friends while turning your collective buying power into economic power.

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