NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump Claims Millions Voted Illegally In 2016 Election, Where Is The Democratic Opposition To The GOP’s Agenda, Lawsuit Claims Trump Is In Violation Of The Constitution


President Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims Could Lead To More Voter Suppression

President Donald Trump who won the 2016 presidential election with a “massive landslide” Electoral College victory still believes millions voted illegally and caused him to lose the popular vote.

In his first official meeting with a bipartisan group of congressional leaders at the White House, Trump claimed he lost the popular vote in the presidential election because three to five million undocumented immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton.

Where Is The Democratic Opposition To Trump And The GOP?

In their attempt to derail Barack Obama’s presidency, the Republican Party waged a war against anything issued by the White House.

After eight years of obstruction, massive mid-term election wins for the GOP and a controversial presidential election, the GOP has control of the White House and Congress. As a result, Democrats have been pushed into the minority in Washington.

During Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin asked, ‘Where is the Democratic opposition to President Trump and the Republican Party?’

Is President Trump Violating The Constitution?

A watchdog group filed a lawsuit alleging President Donald Trump is violating the so-called emoluments clause in the Constitution that prohibits him from receiving money from foreign governments.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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