NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Appeals Court Rejects Trump’s Travel Ban, Republican Identity Crisis, Rev. Barber Talks Fusion Politics, Moral March In Raleigh


Appeals Court Rejects President Trump’s Request To Reinstate Travel Ban

A federal appeals court denied a request to resume President Donald Trump’s travel ban. After the ruling Trump took to Twitter and attacked US District Court Judge James Robart.

Vice President Mike Pence continues to defend the ban saying Trump has the authority to choose who enters the U.S, while Sen. Mitch McConnell is distancing himself from Trump’s travel ban.

Are Republicans Having An Identity Crisis? Will The GOP Stand Up To Trump?

NewsOne Now panelist Monique Pressley, attorney and Legal Analyst at The Pressley Firm, PLLC said the GOP is experiencing an identity crisis as a result of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Do Republicans have the guts to stand up to President Trump?

Rev. William Barber On The Upcoming Moral March In Raleigh, Trumpism & The Impact Of Fusion Politics 

Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina NAACP spoke with Roland Martin during a NewsOne Now / TJMS simulcast about the upcoming moral march in Raleigh and the power of fusion politics.

What Are The Needs Of Urban School Districts Today?

What needs to be done to help Black school children reach their maximum potential?

Roland Martin a graduate of Jack Yates High School, Principal Ken Davis and School Board Member Jolanda Jones discuss what do schools that serve minority children need in order to succeed.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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