NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Sec. Of State John Merrill Defends Voter ID Stance, Federal Court Rules Districts In Texas Were Drawn Illegally


• Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s recent comments about Alabama’s voter ID law during the #Selma52 ceremony hit a nerve with voting rights advocates who argue Alabama is one of many states engaging in voter suppression.

Merrill joined Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now to discuss his remarks, voter fraud, and voter ID legislation.

• A panel of federal judges ruled on Friday that three of Texas’ congressional districts were drawn illegally, violating the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

• Inspired by a million dollar donation to Chicago Public schools by Chance The Rapper, NFL defensive end Michael Bennett has announced that he will donate money to inner city programs.

• Steve Harvey and ASU are severing connections after their deal to work on the university’s Turkey Day Classic and Hornet Homecoming week disintegrated.

• March is Colon Cancer awareness month. Colorectal cancer, which is the combination of colon and rectal cancer, is among the highest causes of death for African Americans, both male and female.

• Misty Copeland shares her experience from a recent trip to Cuba and how dancing can close language barriers during a special feature from #TheUndefeated.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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