NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Texas Voter ID Ruled Discriminatory, How Will Gorsuch Impact SCOTUS Rulings? Hope Global Forums Reimagines The Global Economy


• A federal judge ruled that the Texas voter ID law passed in 2011 intentionally discriminates against minorities despite claims it was enacted to fight voter fraud.

• Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as America’s 113th Supreme Court Justice on Monday. How will Gorsuch’s addition to the High Court impact civil rights cases, criminal justice case and the overall balance of the court?

• If you thought the drama at Morehouse was over — guess again. This weekend the school overhauled its entire leadership and removed President Dr. John Wilson.

• John Hope Bryant, Operation Hope CEO and Chairman joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to talk about this year’s Hope Global Forums Annual Meeting which is aimed at reimagining the global economy.

• Roland Martin, Ambassador Andrew Young and Aerial CEO John Rogers, Jr. discuss shifts in consumer spending, access to capital, access to customers for minority businesses, the relevance of race in business + how minority communities can come together to force corporate giants to recognize them.

• John Hope Bryant discusses how the African American community needs to disrupt the things that hinder our communities, focus on financial literacy and understanding the system of free enterprise.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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