NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: FBI Director James Comey Fired, Black Students At UC Santa Cruz Claim Victory After Protest

• In a stunning move, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey the man who is leading the Department’s investigation into collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign officials.

• The racial discrimination lawsuit against Fox News Network is growing. Two more people have joined the lawsuit initially filed six weeks ago.

Former Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown breaks her silence as she waits for a jury to decide her fate in her corruption trial.

Karen Handel who is running against Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia told supporters via email the decision to extend voter registration before their upcoming election will “boil your blood.”

• Black students protesting at the University of California, Santa Cruz are celebrating their victory against school officials.

For the last three days, members of the university’s African/Black Student Alliance locked themselves inside an administrative building. The students’ primary demand centered on the Rosa Parks African-themed dormitory. The students wanted a four-year housing guarantee to live at the dorm. They also wanted all incoming students to go through diversity training.

• The 15-year-old girl accused of killing her allegedly abusive father is close to reaching a plea deal.

• Frustrations at the airport turn to fist fights after Spirit Airlines cancels dozens of flights.

• NewsOne Now reflects on the accomplishments of Eddie Williams, the man who led the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies as it developed the largest body of African American political leaders from the 1970s to today.

• Former minor league baseball player Jimmie Gardner spent 25 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

Gardner was accused of sexual assault in 1987. 25 years later, his case was overturned after investigators found out the state’s expert lied on the stand.

• Golf season is in full swing, and with clubs in hand and golf game intact, Roland Martin recently headed to Toluca Lake, California to participate in George Lopez’s 10th annual Celebrity Golf Classic.

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