NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Fired FBI Director Comey Calls Trump A Liar, POTUS Spin Room Springs Into Action, Inside Of Clinton’s ‘Doomed Campaign’


• Stunning statements from former FBI Director James Comey on Capitol Hill yesterday – as he took aim at the Trump administration’s shifting explanations for firing him last month.

• #TrumpLiesMatter: Trump’s spin room reacts to Comey testimony, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Trump is “not a liar.” Watch Roland Martin break down Trump’s ongoing string of lies.

• The new book “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” deconstructs the decision making and lost opportunities of her campaign and breaks down how Clinton went from being a “sho0-in” to a “wanna be” president.

• #CosbyTrial Update: A detective who interviewed Cosby in January 2005, shortly after Andrea Constand accused the comedian of sexually assaulting her was called in to testify on Thursday. On the witness stand, the investigator read from Cosby’s deposition.

• Jeronimo Yanez Trial Update: The defense has begun its case in the trial of the Minnesota police officer charged in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile.

Yanez’s Police Chief Jon Mangseth acknowledged that his police department’s policy was for officers to use a firearm as a last resort, but then told the prosecutor, quote, “Sometimes you can’t wait, no!” The prosecutor asked, “You don’t teach officers to shoot a person if their hands go out of sight?” The chief replied, “It depends on the circumstances.”

• According to author Nicole Turner, men are rational and women are emotional.

Turner says women speak more than men, but men don’t always interpret what women are saying correctly– which causes a breakdown in the relationship.

In her new book, “Detox Your Relationship: Know When to Stay and When to Let Go,“ Turner offers tips to help men decode what women are really saying.

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