NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: GOP Squabbles Over Health Care Bill, Trump Admin Cuts $400K In Funding To Fight White Extremism, College Professor Fired Over Explosive Fox News Debate


• Former President Barack Obama took on President Trump over the Republican Health Care bill, while the President received some blowback from members of his own party in the Senate.

Does this mean the Affordable Health Care Act might survive after all? Will Senate Republicans have enough votes to pass it?

• The Trump administration is cutting $400,000 in funding to fight white extremism. The organization initially received the money in the closing days of the Obama administration in January.

• A college professor was fired over an explosive appearance on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

Essex County College professor Lisa Durden got into it with Carlson over Black Lives Matter refusing to allow non-blacks into its New York City Memorial Day Party. Their conversation got ugly and it apparently cost her her job.

• Donald Trump’s new Director of Indian Energy at the Department of Energy is apologizing for his comments about President Obama.

In one Twitter post, William C. Bradford wrote: “I think Obama was given his mission in Tehran long ago and it suits him just fine. How else can a Kenyan creampuff get ahead.”

• The 2017 Essence Festival kicks off this week! Don’t forget, #NewsOneNow will be there to capture all the sights and sounds.

This year Essence Fest will launch a new event called the “Path to Power Conference.” This new feature will offer daily sessions, workshops and networking opportunities for female entrepreneurs and business professionals. Check out a preview of this year’s festival.

• Stress led Dr. Ivan Hernandez to a nearly fatal heart attack at the age of thirty. In this week’s installment of Fit!Live!Win! Dr. Hernandez discussed how you can avoid the same fate and his new book, “Courage to Continue: Steps for Surmounting Life’s Adversities Boldly.”

The 4th season of the critically acclaimed drama series “POWER” premiered on Sunday. Recently, NewsOne Now cameras caught up with the star-studded cast during a red carpet screening of the premiere in Washington, DC. Check it out what they had to say about the new season.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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