NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump, Comey ‘He Said, He Said,’ Chicago Police Misconduct Costs The City Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars


• Trump Vs. Comey “He said, he said:” President Trump denied charges made by fired FBI Director James Comey in front of Congress which detailed private conversations he had with the president where Trump allegedly asked him for his loyalty and urged him to quash the investigation into ousted National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

• The Supreme Court has refused to overturn a federal district court’s ruling that North Carolina’s state legislative districts were drawn based on race and violated equal protection principles. The federal district court also ordered the state to redraw its districts and hold new elections by November of this year.
 Rev. William Barber spoke with Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of #NewsOneNow about the ongoing fight for voting rights in North Carolina.

• The primary election for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia is Tuesday. This seat is particularly important because the Lieutenant Governor runs independently from the Governor, and has the ability to cast the tie-breaking vote in the event of a partisan split in the State Senate.

Justin Fairfax, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia joined Roland Martin on #NewsOneNow to talk about his bid to become the state’s next Lt. Governor.

• Chicago had more than 760 homicides last year and is suffering a ghastly spate of gun violence mostly on the South and West sides. New data showing that the city is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to settle police misconduct cases.

• The defense begins putting on its case in Bill Cosby’s trial. The big question is whether the comedian will take the witness stand.

• Marking one year after the mass killing in Orlando Florida, organizations are pulling together for Disarm Hate Week. Rev. Sharon Risher and Lucia McBath spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOnen Now about the campaign.

The first official day of summer is fast approaching but you still have time to get your beach body right. James Washington spoke with Roland Martin about the ReconstruXtion workout during this week’s installment of #Fit!Live!Win!.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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