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Hi, I’m Fibroids & Fertility Coach Gessie Thompson, Co-Founder of the Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program! July is Fibroids Awareness Month and we’re inviting you to join us all month-long for our Hope Beyond Fibroids “Tip of the Day” Powered by Roland Martin Reports!

In the United States alone, the Fibroids Epidemic affects up to 90% of African American women by age 50. Through the Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program, we have identified the root cause of Fibroids as Estrogen Dominance driven by three key factors: STRESS, DIET & POLLUTANTS!

And, we have helped women eliminate as many as up to 50 documented fibroids WITHOUT SURGERY by reducing the estrogen in their bodies to safe levels.


Stress is a chemical reaction that floods our bodies with the toxin cortisol as we undergo the daily pressures of life—good and bad. When I said the word STRESS, many of you automatically equated it with ANXIETY, FEAR, TRAUMA. And, while these do trigger the cortisol reaction, the same thing happens when we are overwhelmed with good pressures (like planning wedding, growing a demanding career). You see, whether good or bad, if we don’t process it the right way, the result is the same, the toxin cortisol floods our bodies and begins wreaking havoc on ur reproductive and many other systems, creating fibroids and more.

What can you do? STOP, BREATHE & EXHALE several times a day to intentionally RELEASE your stress. You can download a BREATHE app for your device. Set your watches or phones to go off every two hours. When it goes off, STOP whatever you’re doing and set your timer for 1 minute and BREATHE in and EXHALE deeply and slowly SILENCING your mind and focusing on letting of tensionS that can usually be noticed in our clenched fists, a tight chest and hunched shoulders.

As you begin to do this daily, you will notice that you are more clear, at peace and empowered to thrive! So, follow me on Instagram @GessieTUG and subscribe at FibroidsTips.com to receive our Hope Beyond Fibroids “Tip of the Day” the entire month of July to get rolling on your journey to becoming Fibroid-Free. Also, CLICK the Link below—HopeBeyondFibroids.com/Elimination—to download and listen to our free teleseminar MP3 to learn more about the root cause of fibroids, how it develops in your bodies and how we can help you ELIMINATE AND PREVENT THE RETURN OF YOUR FIBROIDS FOREVER!

Until next time, have a HEALING DAY!

Gessie J. Thompson

Co-Founder, Hope Beyond Fibroids Elimination Program
Women’s Health Speaker, Bestselling Author & Fibroids & Fertility Coach
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