NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: DOJ Says New TX Voter ID Law Is Fixed, Trump Voter Commission Could Lead To Voter Suppression, Betsy DeVos Sued Over Suspension Of Student Protections


The Department of Justice tells a Texas judge that the legislature’s efforts to soften one of the nation’s most stringent voter ID laws has worked. According to the DOJ, Texas no longer discriminates against minority voters and there’s no need for any further legal action.

While much attention has been focused on Trump’s bogus Election Integrity Commission’s letter sent to states requesting sensitive voter data, new revelations about a letter the DOJ sent out the same day has voting rights advocates sounding an alarm that voter suppression is on the way.

Protesters around the country are stepping up their pushback against the Senate health care bill.

Republican lawmakers have been receiving major blowback against the bill in their home states and McConnell, who can only lose two GOP votes to prevent the bill from failing, acknowledges that he is having difficulty getting 50 votes in favor of the bill.

Attorneys General from 18 states and the District of Columbia have filed a lawsuit against Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos over the suspension of rules meant to protect students and their families from for-profit schools.

Bill Cosby will be retried on assault charges later on this year. Cosby’s new trial date is set for November 6th in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Missouri Republican Governor Eric Greitens recently signed a bill that raises the standard for workplace discrimination lawsuits by requiring people to prove that race, gender, disability or age was the motivating factor for disciplining an employee rather than just a contributing factor.

Another city is purging itself of public tributes to the Confederacy.
After a protest last week at Hollywood, Florida’s City Hall that resulted in several arrests, city commissioners tentatively agreed to rename streets honoring Confederate military generals Robert E. Lee, John Bell Hood, and Nathan Bedford Forrest.
The new season A new season of TV One’s hit series “Unsung” kicks off this Sunday with a double premier. R&B group Jagged Edge anchors the second half of the season premier of Unsung.
Wingo and Brandon Casey joined Roland Martin on #NewsOneNow to discuss their careers and their latest music project.

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