NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump’s Voter Integrity Commission Suspends Operations, Trump Jr. In Hot Water Over Russian Emails, Black Lives Matter Claps Back At The NRA


• Trump’s bogus voter integrity commission has suspended its collection of states’ voter information until a judge rules on whether it is violating privacy laws.

• The New York Times reports that Donald Trump Junior was told in an email that the Russian government wanted to aid Donald Trump’s election campaign during the 2016 presidential race according to multiple sources.

• Clap Back Alert: Black Lives Matter’s responded to the National Rifle Association’s recent “recruitment” ad that literally blames the activists for the current political climate.

Los Angeles-based BLM activists groups, who produced the response video, have asked that the NRA ad be removed from their website and social media outlets.

• A lawsuit accuses activist DeRay McKesson and Black Lives Matter of inciting violence in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

• A former security guard is suing the NBA Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena accusing them of firing him because of his race.

In his lawsuit, Samuel Hayes, III says security treated VIP guests differently based on their race. For example, Future and Drake had to go through metal detectors. Hayes also claims Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s security detail requested to bypass security to attend a concert.

• A $142 million settlement will help Wells Fargo customers get their money back after employees used their names to create fake accounts.

• Black homeownership has declined dramatically since the early 2000s. Ron Cooper, President of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers joined Roland Martin on #NewsOneNow to explain what it will take to reverse the disturbing wipe out of Black wealth.

• The National Bar Association has decided to relaunch their Political Action Committee to raise money for candidates and incumbents who support issues important to the black community.

• While in New Orleans for the Essence Festival, Roland Martin and #NewsOneNow stopped by Dooky Chase’s for a sit-down interview with legendary soul food chef Leah Chase. In part 3 of their conversation, Chase discussed her favorite foods and the importance of service.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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