NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump’s Bogus Voter Integrity Commission Under Fire, Mike Vick Says Colin Kaepernick Needs To Cut His Fro To Get Back Into The NFL


• President Trump’s sham Voter Integrity Commission holds its first meeting this morning in the midst of a bombardment of lawsuits and charges by Congress about its motives, tactics and leadership.

• Instead of relaxing during their summer vacation, educators in Baltimore are using their spare time to go door-to-door to get students back in the city’s public schools. Forty members of the Baltimore Teachers Union have launched the B3 Initiative to recruit new students and to re-enroll students who have dropped out or transferred.

• Colin Kaepernick is still without a job. Most commentators agree that it has more to do with his activism than his play. On Monday former NFL Quarterback Michael Vick said on Fox Sports’Speak for Yourself’ that Kaepernick may need to change his image and cut his fro.

• The March on Washington Film Festival is the first event of its kind to use the arts to honor the untold stories and unsung heroes of the Civil Rights era, and returned to D.C. for its fifth year.

• The countdown is on! In just two days the hilarious new film “Girls Trip” officially opens in theaters. Roland Martin recently sat down with director Malcolm D. Lee and producer Will Packer to talk about the new movie.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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