NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Black Mothers, Babies Put At Risk By Senate GOP Health Care Bill + Black Pastors Pushback Against Trump’s Budget


• With the Republican health care bill appearing to go down in flames in the Senate, black pastors are demanding that Congress also reject President Trump’s budget.

Pastors say Trump’s budget will have an extremely negative impact on African American families and communities, including deep cuts to education and housing. Pastor Raphael Warnock of Ebenezer Baptist Church joined Roland Martin on #NewsOneNow to discuss the pushback against the President’s budget.

• A provision in the Republican health care bill could hurt over six million women of childbearing age with its proposed cutbacks in Medicaid, leaving it up to states to decide whether insurers will cover pregnant women and their newborns. Stacey D. Stewart, President of the March of Dimes joined Roland Maritn on NewsOne Now to discuss the impact of the GOP health care bill on Black mothers and babies.

• In response to the National Rifle Association’s controversial video targeting protesters, organizers of the Women’s March in DC are demanding an apology. Over the weekend, they held a rally outside NRA’s headquarters in Virginia before walking 17 miles to the Department of Justice here in DC.

• At least 56 people were shot, 11 fatally, during another deadly weekend in Chicago. That number included the 14th child of 12-years-old or younger to be shot this year and anti-violence activist William “Willie” Cooper.

What can the African American community do to curb the gun violence in Chicago?

• The man accused in the stabbing death of Bowie State University student Richard Collins III will not face hate crime charges.

Tuesday’s #HBCUGivingDay school is the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. To support this HBCU visit We must support our institutions of higher learning.

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  • We have known for over 70 years that Taxes have nothing to do with government spending. However it is an idea that has taken root again in the recent past, and we really need to get beyond it if we are to build the society of the future. There is a faint whiff of punishment in a lot of tax proposals, which is very reminiscent of the treatment that the Greeks have received in their recent attempts to improve the lot of their population.

    Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete