NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump Unveils Merit-Based Immigration Plan, Sessions Tells Black Law Enforcement Officials ‘We Have Your Back,’ Outrage Over DOJ Targeting Affirmative Action


President Trump introduced an immigration bill that would award legal residency or green cards to foreign nationals who are considered highly skilled and would not pose a burden on the government or take jobs from American workers.

Embattled Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke at the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives convention in Atlanta and outlined the Trump administration’s anti-crime agenda.
Sessions’ address at the NOBLE convention in Atlanta was overshadowed by President Trump’s controversial remarks about police brutality last week in New York.

Civil rights groups have sounded the alarm against the Justice Department’s plan to redirect money from its civil right division to investigate and sue universities whose admissions policies may be discriminating against white students.

Republican Remorse? Telly Lovelace, the man once in charge of making sure Republicans reached out to the black community explains why he left the Republican National Committee.

Laz Alonso, one of the stars in the new movie “Detroit” discusses his role in the film depicting the events surrounding the 1967 Detroit riots.

Technology giant, Intel announced that it will invest $4.5 million dollars to enhance and maintain students in the science, technology, engineering and math sectors at six HBCU’S.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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