NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump Upends DACA, Rev. Robert W. Lee Leaves His Church After Backlash Over Anti-Racist Remarks, Hurricane Irma Batters The Caribbean & Takes Aim At Florida


• Outrage and defiance after President Trump canceled DACA and told Congress to fix the program within six months. Trump didn’t make the announcement himself, he left that up to his Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Cristobal J. Alex, President of the Latino Victory Project detailed what’s next for the Dreamers and U.S. immigration law during Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

• Activists protesting white supremacy will begin the final leg of their 100-mile journey from Charlottesville, Virginia to Washington D.C. The March to Confront White Supremacy is in response to Donald Trump’s refusal to denounce white supremacy after the violence in Charlottesville in August.

• The descendant of Confederate Army General Robert E. Lee leaves his church after delivering a powerful speech against white supremacy at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Reverend Robert W. Lee, IV spoke with Roland Martin about the response he has received and about his decision to leave and during a NewsOne Now / TJMS simulcast.

• Hurricane Irma is at this moment the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. It made landfall this morning on the Caribbean Island of Barbuda. The category 5 hurricane is pointing toward Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Hati and Cuba before possibly hitting Florida over the weekend. Florida is under a state of emergency and preparing for Hurricane Irma.

• Actor, comedian and producer Marlon Wayans stays working. His Netflix original movie “Naked” premiered in August and he has followed that up with a new NBC sitcom “Marlon,” which airs Wednesday nights 9/8 central. The sitcom, co-starring actress Essence Atkins, is loosely based on Marlon’s relationship with his ex-wife and their experience co-parenting.

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