NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Hurricane Irma Races Towards Florida, GOP ‘Shell-Shocked’ Over Trump’s Deal With Dems, Michael Bennett Accuses Vegas PD Of Racially Motivated Excessive Force


• Hurricane Irma hammers the Caribbean and is now one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. The record-breaking and potentially catastrophic storm is moving closer to the U.S. mainland. The hurricane is expected to reach Florida this weekend. Hurricane Jose is right behind Irma and is expected to follow a similar path.

Trump throws a curve at Republican lawmakers handing them an embarrassing defeat on key issues including raising the debt ceiling. In siding with Democratic congressional leaders, #45 undercut his own Treasury Secretary and sensitive negotiations on a host of crucial policy issues as well as signaling that he might be willing to work with Dems on a so-called “dreamers” bill.

• The White House claims undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from Black and Latino Americans. But is this simply a ploy to pit ethnic groups against each other?

Economist William Spriggs, a professor at Howard University thinks there’s no evidence that so called “dreamers” are taking jobs that ought to go to Americans of color.

• After 10 days and 118-miles, the March to Confront White Supremacy reached its destination yesterday.

The march, which included a multiracial coalition of activists, was organized in response to President Trump’s refusal to denounce white nationalism after last month’s violence in Charlottesville.

• Seattle Seahawks Defensive End Michael Bennett is accusing Las Vegas Police of racially motivated excessive force during an arrest on the night of the Mayweather-McGregor fight, Saturday, August 26th. The incident took place after gunshots were fired at a nearby club and hundreds of people began the run.

• In Dallas, a temporary restraining order is holding up the removal of a Confederate statue.

On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council voted to remove the statue that sat in Robert E. Lee Park.
Soon after that vote, crews began to rig the statue to a crane, but a temporary restraining order filed in federal court stopped the removal pending a hearing today.

• Novella Nelson, the actress best known for her roles on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Antwone Fisher” has died at the age of 77.

• WTH?! Thursday: It’s back to school season and some students return to school anxious and some return with anxiety. For incoming high school freshman J’ia Gladney she leaned a little more towards anxiety.

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