NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Deal Or No Deal? Trump’s Deal On DACA With Dems Angers The GOP, Sen. Tim Scott Meets With #45 To Discuss Race, Black Man Goes Undercover To Infiltrate White Supremacist Groups Online


• Deal or no deal? Questions and a bit of confusion in Washington over whether or not President Trump has cut a deal with Democratic leaders to preserve DACA, former President Barack Obama’s policy that protects some 800,000 immigrants who entered the United States illegally as children.

President Trump playing footsie with Democratic leaders over DACA and it’s driving many in the Right Wing crazy. Is Trump alienating his base?

• Trump and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott met at the White House on Wednesday to discuss issues of race. After the president refused to denounce white supremacy and equated the white nationalists and neo-Nazis who clashed with anti-racism demonstrators who turned out to protest them, Scott said Trump had lost his moral authority.

• A man who has spent the past ten years behind bars in Alabama without a trial will finally get his day in Court. Kharon Davis has been in the Houston County, Alabama jail since 2007 for the murder of a man an at an apartment complex.

• At least 12 individuals may know what happened to Kenneka Jenkins, the night she was found in a hotel kitchen’s freezer just outside of Chicago.

Investigators have questioned 12 people, eight of whom were at the hotel with the teenager. Police are also reviewing 47 hotel cameras and a Facebook live video that showed Jenkins sitting on the floor of the hotel room.

• A new report from US News and World Report ranked Spelman first for its graduation and retention rates, recruitment efforts, financial and faculty resources and student life. Spelman is 61st on the list compared to all universities in the nation.

• The Celebration of the Life of Civil Rights Leader, Icon and Legend, Dick Gregory will take place this weekend here in Washington D.C. Stevie Wonder, Martin Luther King III, Nick Cannon, India Arie, Joe Morton and many more have been invited to attend the memorial service. TV One will live streaming the service on all of its platforms.

• Two years ago Theo Wilson, created a fake online profile to find out what happens in the life of a white supremacist as a digital troll. He learned where they get their misinformation and revisionist history lessons from.

• Black Americans strongly disagree with White Americans when it comes to paying college athletes.

In a poll released on Tuesday, most Americans still believe that a scholarship should be sufficient compensation for college athletes. However, this poll conducted by the Washington Post and the University of Massachusetts Lowell, actually shows the issue is significantly different along racial lines.

• Eight-year-old genius, Romanieo Golphin, Jr. is being called the next Einstein or George Washington Carver. Romanieo and his parents joined Roland Martin on #NewsOneNow to discuss the young genius’ insatiable appetite for knowledge.

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