NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Trump Doubles Down On Attacks On Athletes, GOP Graham-Cassidy Health Bill Collapse


• President Trump continues to stoke controversy over NFL players who peacefully protest during the National Anthem, but the players aren’t giving any ground, and now, other sports stars are pushing back as well.

Plus, Roland Martin talked with a group of military veterans about the NFL players’ protests and has an intense debate with Bernadette Semple, Former Naval Cyber Security Officer and Wounded Warrior about this hot-button issue.

• Maine Senator Susan Collins puts the final nail in the GOP health care bill as she publicly announces she is voting ‘no’ on #GrahamCassidy. Senate Republicans say they are still planning on holding a vote this week.

• Researchers say that by the year 2053, the median wealth of African-Americans will fall to zero.

A recent report entitled, “The Road to Zero: How the Racial Wealth Divide is Hollowing Out America’s Middle Class” points out many factors that are contributing to the downward trend for people of color.

• It’s National Voter Registration Day! Today we celebrate our democracy by encouraging people to sign up to vote. Volunteers and organizations from all over the US have come together to go out in the field and on social media to register people to vote.

• Roland Martin fact-checks Raynard Jackson about his Black entrepreneur event that is supposedly supporting black businesses but somehow Steve Bannon is invited. After further review, Jackson’s donor list is full of racists.

• On Friday, our News One Now cameras were at the 47th Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference where Congresswoman Maxine Waters held a public, exclusive interview with Sean Combs on the contributions of Hip-Hop to the US economy and wealth building.

• Fourteen-year-old Eli White, a musical prodigy, decided to do something to raise the spirits of the victims of these disasters and wrote a tribute song titled, “Better As One.”

White joined Roland Martin on #NewsOneNow to talk about his tribute song and discussed his origins in music.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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