NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Rights Groups & Mayors Team Up To Fight Economic/Social Inequalities, NC GOP Attempt To Rig Judicial Races To Get Rid Of Black Judges, NRA Offers ‘Murder Insurance’

  • Mayors And Civil Rights Groups Team Up To Address Economic & Social Inequalities
  • Recovery Efforts In USVI Are Improving, American Black Cross Mobilizes To Help The Caribbean
  • Republican Lawmakers In North Carolina Attempt To Rig Judicial Races To Get Rid Of Black Judges
  • Grambling State Freshman Arrested In Campus Shooting That Left Two Dead
  • City Council Apologizes For the Greensboro Massacre Of 1979 That Killed 5 Anti-Klan Protesters
  • NRA Offers ‘Murder Insurance’ To Protect Gun Owners Who Shoot Someone
  • Puerto Rico’s $300M Power Grid Contract With Small Company Comes Under Scrutiny
  • Clemson’s Black Student VP Impeached After Sitting Through The Pledge Of Allegiance
  • Ongoing Threats Against Rep. Frederica Wilson Are Forcing Her To Miss Votes In DC
  • Dems Slam Republicans Over Passing A $4T Budget & Taking A Step Towards Trump’s Tax Plan
  • Kennesaw State Univ. Cheerleaders No Longer Allowed On The Field After #TakeAKnee Protest
  • Mother Of Officer Killed In Las Vegas Attack Dies Days After Her Son’s Funeral
  • Two Men Accused Of ‘Vile Racial Hatred’ In The Brutal Stabbing Of Their Black Neighbor
  • GOP Threatens To Change 401K Plans & Limit The Amount Of Pre-Tax Contributions

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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