NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Las Vegas Shooting Leaves More Than 50 Dead & Hundreds Wounded, NFL Player Protests Continue, Trump’s Ongoing Attacks Against Puerto Rican Gov’t Officials


• At least 50 people were killed and hundreds were wounded in Las Vegas when a gunman began shooting at a concert outside at the Mandalay Bay Casino.

• The NFL player’s “Take a Knee” protest has been hijacked by President Tump and many Americans as well as media outlets have fallen for the okie-doke.

The protesting players and civil rights groups should ban together to begin a PR campaign focusing on the issues of police brutality and criminal justice reform.

• With 95 percent of Puerto Rico still without power, and critical shortages of water and gasoline remaining in some areas nearly two weeks after Hurricane Maria, President Trump should be focused on recovery efforts there and in the U.S. Virgin islands – which were hammered by both Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

In just 11 hours on Saturday, President Trump blasted out 18 tweets about the dire situation in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Even for a president with a quick twitter finger, some seemed especially critical in the wake of an appeal for help Friday from the Mayor of San Juan.

• The health of millions of children is at risk as money for the Children’s Health Insurance program runs out, all because Congress missed a crucial deadline.

The Senate released a bipartisan, five-year bill to reauthorize the program, but a vote was never scheduled. New York Congressman and House Democratic Chairman Joe Crowley blamed Republicans for missing the deadline.

• In Texas, two African American teens who played football at a private school were booted off the team for protesting during the national anthem.

Cousins Cedric Ingram-Louis and Larry McCullough kneeled during the anthem before their game on Friday night to protest racial injustice, despite warnings from their coach. They were kicked off the team on the spot.

• The superintendent of the Air Force Academy lectures cadets on the power of diversity and tells those who cannot treat others with dignity and respect to “get out” following racist slurs targeting five Black cadets.

• The message of Saturday’s March for Black Women was loud and clear: Black women matter.

Many marchers felt that January’s Women’s March didn’t address the struggles black women face like the wage gap, the rolling back of Title IX protections and continued police brutality. So organizers decided to hold one of their own, joining forces with the March for Racial Justice, to make folks listen.

• After nine years behind bars, OJ Simpson is a free man.

On Sunday, he walked out of a Nevada correctional facility where he served nine years for a 2008 armed robbery in Las Vegas. Prison officials say Simpson left with four boxes filled with legal papers, shoes and a hot plate. Not long after his release a camera crew caught up to him at a gas station.

• According to a new study, 650,000 Black people may have undiagnosed type-two diabetes. That’s because a genetic variant found only in African-Americans reduces the accuracy of the test used to detect diabetes. About eleven-percent of lack people have that genetic variant.

• Kenneth Whalum sat down with Roland Martin during Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now to talk about his new album, “Broken Land.”

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