NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Wants Players To Stand During The National Anthem, New Poll Reveals Vet’s Views On NFL Protests, WTH?! Black Man Beaten By White Supremacists Charged With A Felony


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made it perfectly clear that he wants players to stand during the national anthem. On Tuesday, Goodall sent a letter to all of the league’s team owners and executives explaining his position on the take a knee protests.

A new poll reveals how service members and veterans really feel about NFL protests, President Trump’s handling of the situation and what’s protected under the first amendment.

In response to ESPN’s two-week suspension of anchor Jemele Hill, Reverend Al Sharpton said a boycott of ESPN and its advertisers would go forward if HIll’s suspension is not lifted.

Social media has been in an uproar over rapper Eminem who body slammed Donald Trump in a new freestyle he performed at last night’s BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Forty-four years after Atlanta elected its first black Mayor, Maynard Jackson, the city seems poised to end an unbroken line of African American leadership since that time. Twelve candidates are vying for mayor, and a white city councilwoman has a double-digit lead and is likely to be at least one of the candidates in an expected December runoff.

Michigan’s chief medical executive is facing more serious charges for her role in the deadly Flint water crisis.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama say they are quote, “disgusted” by the behavior of Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexual assault and raping several women.

The Black man beaten by white supremacists during the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia is now charged with a felony.

Roland Martin recently hosted a screening of the movie “Marshall at the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s national convention.

During the screening event, Martin had an opportunity to sit down with director Reginald Hudlin who spoke about the highly anticipated biopic that chronicles the life of Thurgood Marshall before he was appointed to the Supreme Court.

This week, we visit a preparatory academy charter school in Inglewood, California our weekly series: School Choice All-Stars. Wilder’s Preparatory Academy Charter School’s roots go back to the 1880’s and today it’s a top-notch high performing school.

It’s Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now and comedians Tre Williamson, Teresa Concepcion and Lawrence Owens joined Roland Martin on set to crack a few jokes.


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