Strong & Great Black Men Are In Every Community: Marc Morial On The Men of Color National Conf.


The Men of Color National Conference meets every year with the purpose of empowering young African-American men to be educated and become leaders in their communities.

President and CEO of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orléans Marc Morial talks with Roland Martin about the importance of this conference and what it means to young Black men.

“Part of succeeding is being one a responsible citizen and being a respectable citizen means standing up and being involved in the community,” explained Morial. “We have to bust the myth about our Black men and boys..the role models for our young men and boys are right there in the community.”

Coming together like this every year allows high school and college-aged men to bond with professionals in various sectors of business.

“These conferences create an intimacy and important for people to have a conversation about difficult topics,” expressed Morial. “Strong and great Black men have been history makers in changing this country. Strong and great Black men are in every community.”