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Church of Bey? Beyonce Gets Her Own ‘Religion’

Source: Design & Trend

If you’re a Beyoncé fan, chances are you’re familiar with the name “Queen Bey” or the “BeyHive.”Beyonce does have a very regal presence – an air of beauty and extravagance you can’t quite put your finger on. She’s a fantastically talented performer and creates some great music to empower women for sure – but worshipping her? Some Beyoncé superfans seems to think she’s “worthy” of her own congregation.

An organization in Atlanta, Georgia have founded a church called “The National Church of Bey” in which they practice the religion “Beyism” (based on Beyoncé Knowles).

“King Bey” now has worshipers in addition to reaching the hearts of millions as a singer.

The organizers say they gather every Sunday to sing her songs like reading passages out of a Bible.

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