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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Corey Jones Killed By Plain Clothes Police Officer After Car Breaks Down On I-95


Florida Church Musician Corey Jones Killed By Plain Clothes Police Officer After Car Breaks Down On I-95

Corey Jones, a popular drummer from Florida was fatally shot by a plainclothes officer on Sunday. At the time of the shooting, Jones was stranded on the side of the Interstate 95 highway after his car broke down.

On Tuesday Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discussed this disturbing incident.

Shattered: Ebony Magazine Asks If We Can Separate Bill Cosby From Heathcliff Huxtable

Bill Cosby faces nearly fifty accusations of drugging women, sexual assault, sexual impropriety, and/or misconduct. His reputation as being “America’s Dad” has been shattered by these allegations, leading a number of educational institutions to rescind awards given to him, remove his name from buildings, cancel re-runs of The Cosby Show, and halt new television projects.

But what does all of this mean for Cosby’s body of work? What does this mean for The Cosby Show, which helped change the minds of Americans and altered the negative images many had about African-Americans? What does this mean to those who were inspired by the positive messages displayed on the 30-minute NBC sitcom?

On Tuesday, Roland Martin talked with Goldie Taylor, Editor-at-Large for The Daily Beast, about herEbony cover story, Cliff-Hanger: Can ‘The Cosby Show’ Survive? Should It? Her controversial article examines the “intensely complicated relationship between the fallen icon, his most beloved character, and the broken hearts of Black America.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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Goldie Taylor: ‘We Aren’t Here Just To Celebrate Black Lives, We’re Here To Offer A Critical Analysis’


Roland Martin talks to writer Goldie Taylor about Ebony Magazine’s November issue featuring the possible dismantling of the legacy of The Cosby Show. The controversial cover was met with harsh criticism when released on social media.


“The central question is, have those allegations begun to impeach the legacy of The Cosby Show? Do we still hold it in sort of the same esteem and regard? Do we still watch?”

On the separation of Heathcliff Huxtable vs. Bill Cosby:

“It was a purposeful intertwining of Bill Cosby on air…he played out their values in real life.”

Should black media be responsible for sharing negative black stories?

“When we’ve got a publication like Ebony and Essence magazine, we aren’t here just to celebrate black lives, but we’re here to offer a critical analysis of it.”