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Michael Jackson Hologram Wows Billboard Music Awards

Source: NBC News

The King of Pop and a likely successor, prince of pop Justin Timberlake, ruled the Billboard Music Awards — though Michael Jackson made a splash via hologram and Timberlake accepted his awards via video from overseas.

A hologram of Jackson made its debut Sunday, mirroring the late icon’s signature slick dance moves as some members of the audience became emotional, while Timberlake won seven prizes, including top artist and Billboard 200 album.

“I want to thank everybody on Earth, everybody on Earth, except, except Donald Sterling,” Timberlake said.

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Justin Timberlake Debuts Video With Michael Jackson, ‘Love Never Felt So Good’

Source: Lesley Messer / ABC News

Justin Timberlake said it was always a dream to make a song with Michael Jackson.

Now, not only is their song “Love Never Felt So Good” a reality, but so is a music video.

Four minutes long, the video is an obvious homage to Jackson, who died in 2009, complete with clips from his past music videos and dancers’ imitating his dance moves.

“Love Never Felt So Good” is part of the album “Xscape,” featuring Jackson’s singing along with some of the biggest singers today, including Timberlake and Mary J. Blige.

“Even when Michael was alive, we never stopped working on the song ‘Xscape,'” producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins said. “It was one of those songs where he specifically said to me, ‘It has to see the light of day one day.'”

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SOUND OFF: Which Super Bowl Halftime Performance Was Better? Beyonce, Prince or Michael Jackson?

Which Super Bowl Halftime Show was the best? Beyonce, Price or Michael Jackson’s. Watch below and let us know …

Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Michael Jackson Superbowl Halftime Show

Prince’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor Conrad Murray Released From Jail

Source: Gillian Mohney / ABC News

Conrad Murray was released from the Los Angeles Men’s Central Jail early this morning, two years after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

Murray, 60, left from the back door of the jail in a police cruiser shortly after midnight local time. Murray’s lawyer said he was not being released for good behavior but for credit for time served. Murray was given an additional day of credit for every day he served.

In 2011, Murray was sentenced to four years in imprisonment for involuntary manslaughter after he treated Michael Jackson with the powerful surgical anesthetic drug propofol.

Even before his release, Murray was already looking to get back into medicine. Lawyers for the former doctor have filed petitions in Texas to have his medical license reinstated.

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AEG Not Liable In Michael Jackson Death

Source: Jeff Gottlieb, Ruben Vives, Victoria Kim / Los Angeles Times

The jury in the Michael Jackson wrongful-death case found that AEG Live hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who gave the pop star a fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol.

But they determined that Murray was not unfit, which means AEG is not liable in Jackson’s death and will not have to pay hundreds of millions in compensation to the family.

They reached the verdict after about five months of testimony and three days of deliberations.

Jackson’s mother and three children brought the lawsuit, saying AEG Live hired and supervised Conrad Murray, the Las Vegas doctor who gave the singer a fatal dose of a powerful anesthetic while he was rehearsing for 50 sold-out concerts in London, with a possible world tour to follow.

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Jury Reaches Verdict In Michael Jackson Wrongful-Death Case

Source: Jeff Gottlieb / Los Angeles Times

After about three days of deliberations, jurors in the Michael Jackson wrongful-death case have reached a verdict in the lawsuit brought by Jackson’s family against one of the nation’s largest concert promoters.

The verdict will be read at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Jurors were deciding whether entertainment giant AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the Las Vegas physician who administered a fatal dose of a powerful anesthetic to Jackson while the entertainer was in rehearsals for a planned comeback tour in 2009.

The 12-person jury was also deciding whether Jackson’s mother and three children should be awarded economic and personal damages. An expert for the family testified that economic damages should be more than $1 billion. The attorneys said each of the Jackson children should be awarded $85 million in personal damages.

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Katherine Jackson: Tell Me ‘What Really Happened To My Son’

Source: Kate Mather / Los Angeles Times

An emotional Katherine Jackson testified for the first time Friday in her lawsuit against entertainment giant AEG Live over her son Michael’s death, saying she wanted to know “what really happened to my son.”

The 83-year-old matriarch held attorney Brian Panish’s hand as she made her way to the witness stand, where the lawyer and court bailiff helped her into her seat. She adjusted her purple-and-white patterned jacket as the microphone was moved closer.

Katherine Jackson admitted she was nervous – it was the first time she had ever spoken to a jury, she said. She also said it was difficult to speak in public about such a private matter.

“The most difficult thing is to sit here in this court and listen to all the bad things they say about my son,” she said, later adding. “A lot of the things that have been said are not the truth. And he’s not here to speak for himself.”

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Doctor Says He Told AEG Exec That Michael Jackson Was A Drug Addict

Source: Jeff Gottlieb / Los Angeles Times

A doctor who traveled on Michael Jackson’s 1993 worldwide “Dangerous” tour testified that he gave the singer a shot of Demerol and a 24-hour intravenous morphine drip while they were in Thailand and that he told a ranking AEG executive that the singer was a drug addict.

Dr. Stuart Finklestein, who testified via a video deposition that was played for jurors Monday, said he was a long-time friend of Paul Gongaware, who was tour manager of the “Dangerous” concerts and is one of the defendants in the wrongful death suit brought by Jackson’s mother and three children.

The testimony came in the 43rd day of the wrongful-death trial, a case that seeks to put blame for Jackson’s death of entertainment titan and two music industry executives.

Finklestein is now an addiction specialist, but when he went on tour with Jackson his job was to minister to the crew. He said the first time he met Jackson was when he was called to his hotel room, where the singer appeared to be in pain. Finklestein said he was put on the phone with Allan Metzger, the singer’s doctor in Los Angeles. Metzger told him that Jackson had a severe headache and that he should administer pain medication.

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Michael Jackson’s Son Describes Tearful Calls

Source: Anthony McCartney / AP / ABC News

Michael Jackson’s eldest son testified Wednesday that his father was excited about going back on tour before his death but wasn’t happy about the pressure that came with the ill-fated shows.

Prince Jackson told jurors his father wanted more time to rehearse and had several tense phone conversations with promoters of his “This Is It” shows that sometimes ended with his father in tears.

The 16-year-old said his father remarked after one of the conversations, “‘They’re going to kill me.'” He did not elaborate.

The testimony came in a lawsuit claiming AEG negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving Jackson an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

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NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Paris Jackson Rushed To Hospital After Slitting Wrist In Suicide Attempt: Sources

Source: Lachlan Cartwright , Nancy Dillon and Stephen Rex Brown / New York Daily News

The pressure of testifying in the high-stakes legal showdown over Michael Jackson’s death drove Paris Jackson to attempt suicide by slitting her wrist, sources close to the family told the Daily News.

The King of Pop’s only daughter is due to take the stand by the end of the month in the wrongful-death lawsuit pitting the Jackson family against the promoter of his doomed run of concerts, AEG. But the worldwide attention and the millions of dollars on the line were too much for the 15-year-old Jackson, a source said.

“She’s just a wreck. She was getting more and more emotional about having to take the stand as the day gets closer,” the source told The News. “This is a plea for help. She is broken.”

That source, in addition to another close to the Jackson legal team, said that Paris cut one of her wrists early Wednesday following a series of ominous tweets.

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