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NewsOne Now WTH?! Special Audio Podcast


2015 was full of stories that made us say “what the h*ll,” so Roland Martin and NewsOne Now compiled a number of the craziest segments from this year that left many of us scratching our heads in wonder.

Rules for Black birdwatchers so they don’t get accused of #‎BirdingWhileBlack‬, pole dancing for fitness, letting your “freak flag fly,” 33 questions for White people from White people, are we too clean and are we raising selfish narcissistic kids who need their tails whupped? WOW

Check out all of these insane stories and more in the NewsOne Now WTH?! Special.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: State Of Emergency In Ferguson


State Of Emergency Declared In Ferguson

NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory talks with NewsOne correspondent Tim Lampley, State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal and Gary Gunter, VP/General Manager of Radio One St. Louis (WHHL­FM & WFUN­FM) about the conditions on the ground in Ferguson.

Coping With The Impact Of Police Violence & Unexplained Death On Black Mental Health

Clayola Brown, President of the A. Philip Randolph Institute for racial equality, spoke with NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory about the impact police brutality, police violence, and instances of unexplained Black death is having on the African-American community.

Ivory alluded to the angst that many in the Black community are feeling as a result of the police shooting deaths and death in custody cases involving African-American men and women, saying, “It takes a mental toll. Parents are worried about their children, people are nervous when they see a police car.”

“What should Black people do with their stress behind all that is going on in this country?” Brown said. “People must be able to talk openly and clearly about what they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, and to look for some sort of resolution.”

On The Rise: Anthony Brown Talks About “Everyday Jesus,” His New Album With Group TherAPy

Gospel singer Anthony Brown stopped by NewsOne Now to talk about his new album, Everyday Jesus.

Brown told guest host Mo Ivory that his sophomore album with Group TherAPy,”zeros in on our need to have something great, positive, wonderful in our world.”All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Randall Kerrick Trial Begins


NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Randall Kerrick Trial Begins

The trial of former Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer Randall Kerrick has begun. Kerrick is charged with manslaughter for shooting Jonathan Ferrell, 24, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ferrell, a former Florida A&M football player who had recently moved to North Carolina to be with his fiancee, was in a serious car crash and after kicking out his back window, walked to a nearby cluster of homes and knocked on the first door for help.

A woman answered the door thinking it was her husband and immediately slammed it in Ferrell’s face before calling 911.

Kerrick was one of the responding officers who respond to the 911 call, shot at Ferrell 12 times, 10 of the bullets piercing his body and allegedly eight of them fired while he was crawling on the ground.


A Better Chance: Scholarship Program Provides Students Of Color With Chance To Attend Private & Public Schools

Senior Program Manager of A Better Chance, Keith Wilkerson, and parent Shanita Spencer discussed the benefits and opportunities made available to African-American students through the program on NewsOne Now.

A Better Chance is dedicated to providing “educational leadership opportunities for middle and high school students of color in the hopes of creating leaders,” Wilkerson explained.

Students who benefit from the scholarship program are given the opportunity to attend the “same types of schools” Deval Patrick, former participant and Governor of Massachusetts, attended.

From ABetterChance.org:

Over the course of two generations, A Better Chance has placed more than 14,000 talented young people of color into the nation’s leadership pipeline through increased access to academically rigorous independent and public schools.

According to Wilkerson, A Better Chance works with independent day schools and boarding schools across the country. Students are selected for the program not necessarily by income, instead, they must have at least a B-grade average, have a good standing in the community, and be interested in the “challenge” that independent day schools and boarding schools present.

Becoming Belafonte: Author Details Rise Of The Civil Rights Icon

Author Judith E. Smith talks with NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory about her new book, Becoming Belafonte: Black Artist, Public Radical.

Smith explained she was inspired to write the book about Belafonte because, “Harry Belafonte comes up all the time in Black arts activism.”

Smith told Ivory she first encountered Belafonte during research about African-American playwright, writer, and activist Lorraine Hansberry for her book Visions of Belonging. While preparing for a literary work uncovering the issues surrounding representation of African-Americans in Hollywood, Smith said she discovered Belafonte was the first Black person in entertainment who was able to green-light a film in 1959.

After realizing she could not talk about the activist and actor in film without understanding what led him to that position, Smith said she followed Mr. Belafonte’s history all the way back to his music. As a result, Belafonte’s story “took over and became his own book.”

NewsOne Now Exclusive: Donnie Simpson Dishes On His Return To Radio & TV

Donnie Simpson is back!

Simpson will make his return to radio beginning August 17, 2015 on Radio One-owned WMMJ-FM (Majic 102.3) and is in talks with TV One to collaborate on a series of programs with his company, Donnie Simpson Productions.

After talking with Brad Siegel, President of TV One, and Alfred Liggins, CEO of Radio One, the decision was made to bring Simpson, known as top veejay on Video Soul, back to television and radio in a multiyear deal.

This time around, Simpson says he just wants to have fun on the air. After the official announcement of his return, Simpson took part in a one-hour broadcast and said he hasn’t had to use the creative side of his brain since leaving radio nearly five years ago. He told NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory, “It felt really good.”


All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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NewsOne Now Music Special Audio Podcast


BriaMarie Chats About Her “Freshman” Album And Inspiration Behind It

Singer, songwriter, and rapper BriaMarie recently sat down with Roland Martin to talk about her debut album Freshman and bringing a “fresh face and a unique style to the music world.”

Marvin Sapp Discusses Health Scare That Made Him ‘Sit Down’ After Whirlwind Tour 

Gospel music icon Marvin Sapp talked with Martin about his first new album in four years titled You Shall Live, and the three-week whirlwind tour that led to a “stress related illness,” prompting his doctor’s warning to take care of himself.

Ruben Studdard And Lalah Hathaway’s  Black Music History Lesson

Soul singers Ruben Studdard and Lalah Hathaway discussed their growth as artists, as well as how they have attained and maintained success in the music industry. Studdard, who was inspired by Lalah Hathaway’s father, Donny Hathaway, also explained that in order to achieve longevity in the industry like Jeffrey Osborne, Gladys Knight, Michael McDonald, and Chaka Khan, he has to “maintain a good level of health.”

The soul singing duo also shared a Black music history lesson, wherein Studdard said, “Black music has affected every form of musicianship since the beginning of time.”

He continued, “And in particular, African-Americans and their particular experience here in the United States has influenced — ’cause without the negro spiritual there would be no ‘call and response’ gospel songs in the early and late 1800s. Without ‘call and response’ gospel songs, there would have been no ‘rag time’ for people to play. Without rag time, there would be no Louis Armstrong — There would be no jazz, without Jazz — it’s a ripple effect.”

‘Hidden In Plain Sight:’ Naturally7 Talks New Music, Origins Of The Group

Naturally7 talked with NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory about their latest album Hidden In Plain Sight, and about some of their global travels in the music industry.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: US Cops On Target To Kill More Than 1000 Americans In 2015


US Cop Killings Expected to Exceed 1000 By The End Of 2015, With Blacks Twice As Likely To Die

A new Washington Post report has revealed that the United States is on track to reach 1,100 fatal shootings by police. Six months into the year, the Post’s database had recorded 463 fatal shootings by Police.

On Thursday, NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory talked with The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery and the Straight Talk Panel about the disturbing report.

Say What? Jeb Bush Blames Ferguson & Baltimore Protests On Lack Of Parenting

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush believes the Ferguson and Baltimore protests were caused by a lack of “mentoring” and parenting.

According to ThinkProgress.com, during a Q&A with employees of a pharmaceutical company, Bush made the following comments:

“Kids in this country are aimlessly wandering around in their lives because they’ve never been told they were capable of learning. They’ve never been challenged to achieve far better. They’ve never really had the kind of mentoring and nurturing that gives them the sense their lives could be better. You see what happens in Baltimore and Ferguson. You see the tragedies play out. You see people becoming so despondent they take actions that are horrific.”

On Thursday, NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory and the Straight Talk Panel discussed Bush’s interesting remarks, during which he never took the time to acknowledge the untimely deaths of Mike Brown and Freddie Gray at the hands of police that preceded the social unrest.

Bush did not even address the way police in those communities have shown a history of racial bias against African-American residents as potential triggers leading up to the protests.

WTH?! Thursday: Man Travels 300 Miles In A Cab For Love, Arrested For Not Paying The $749 Fare

It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now and we’re taking look at all of the crazy stories trending in this week’s News.

This week’s WTH? commentators include, NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory, radio personality Tony Redz, Digital Correspondent, Lauren Williams and actor/radio host Lamont King.

This week’s list of insanity begins with a New York City man taking a 300-mile cab ride across Pennsylvania to surprise his fiancee. The act of love went wrong when he was arrested for not paying the $749 fare.


A group of proud Confederate flag waving pick-up truck drivers in Georgia were caught on camera displaying their Confederate pride and crashing into each other even thought local area police had blocked an intersection to allow their “Southern pride” rally to pass through. Uh-oh better get Maaco.

Listen to all of the insanity listed in this week’s edition of WTH?! Thursday on the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: National Organization For Women Responds To The McKinney Incident


National Organization For Women Responds To The McKinney Incident

Hours after Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, challenged national women’s organizations to speak out on the McKinney pool party incident where a 14-year-old Dajerria Becton was brutally forced to the ground, the National Organization for Women responded to the injustice.

On Wednesday, NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory, Media Consultant/Host, WEAA 88.9FM Baltimore Catalina Byrd, Lifestyle & Political Blogger Dru Ealons, and Program Coordinator of Civil, Human & Women’s Rights, AFL-CIO Tiffany Dena Loftin, discussed the response from NOW.

Eric Casebolt, McKinney Officer Seen Dragging Black Teenager At Pool Party, Resigns

The McKinney, Texas police officer seen pushing a 15-year-old Black teenager to the ground during a pool party dispute has resigned.

According to Fox4, a lawyer for Cpl. Eric Casebolt confirmed his resignation. Casebolt was placed on administrative leave following the surfacing of a disturbing video that showed him grabbing the Black teenager’s braids and pinning her to the ground while she lay in only a bathing suit. Teenagers and a handful of adults who were at the pool during the time of the incident say Casebolt targeted Black youth, skipping over the White teenagers who attended the pool party.

 Wildin’ Out Wednesday: Graduation Fails, Outrageous Prom Fashions, & Jaden Smith’s Superhero Outfit 

It’s hump day and that means it’s Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now. Comedians Mr. Tony Woods, Kiana Dancie, and Khai Morgan join guest host Mo Ivory to share a few laughs.

This week, the Wildin’ Out Wednesday crew takes a look at a few graduation ceremony fails and some outrageous prom fashions that left Mo Ivory asking, “Is that a prom or a strip club?”

Plus, Jaden Smith’s superhero-inspired prom outfit had Khai Morgan remarking, “That’s how he dress everyday.”

All that and more in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast.

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Texas Cop Pulls Gun On Teens At Pool Party


Texas Cop Pulls Gun On Teens At Pool Party, Forces Girl In Bathing Suit To The Ground

A McKinney, Texas police officer has been suspended from his regular duties after footage of him handcuffing and pulling out a weapon on a group of black teenagers during a local pool party surfaced the web.

The police officer involved in the disturbing incident was seen detaining teens and handcuffing them, before aggressively taking hold of a young girl’s hair and pinning her down to the ground. He immediately pulled out his weapon when her friends came to the rescue.

Spike Lee’s Upcoming Film ‘Chiraq’ Ignites Firestorm In Chicago

Spike Lee’s new upcoming film ‘Chiraq’ has started a firestorm amongst Chicago politicians over the name and subject matter of the film.  NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory and the Straight Talk Panel discuss what all the fuss is about.

Former NBA Player & Dunk Champ Desmond Mason On Transition From Basketball To Artist


Former NBA player and 2001 Slam Dunk contest winner Desmond Mason joined guest host Mo Ivory on NewsOne Now to talk about how he transitioned from the NBA into a critically acclaimed artist.

Mason, who retired from the league at the age of 32, said he told his agent, “I’ll retire at age 32 regardless of the situation.” From that moment forward, he became “aggressive” in the world of art.

“Everybody was wondering why I retired so young and I still had plenty of time to play and I did it on my terms, but anybody that really knows me, they knew that basketball never defined me, sports never defined me and I was a little bit different — so I moved on to my next challenge,” he said.

Mason told Ivory that he still considers himself a “rookie in the art game” and aspires to take his craft to NBA level status as an internationally recognized artist.

Mason said he used basketball as a “platform” to get people to attend his art exhibitions, believing his art would “speak for itself.”

“I got to the point where I started having exhibitions and people were paying five, six, seven, eight thousand, nine thousand, ten thousand dollars for a painting and then I knew then it wasn’t just because I played basketball. No one is going to continuously pay that money for something because I play basketball.”

Mason highlighted actor George Clooney, Rich Heise, an early investor in Groupon, and other business heavyweights as being collectors of his art work. The former Seattle Supersonics shooting guard recently sold a painting to Chicago businessman David Gupta for $60,000.

Mason has a series of art shows coming up in Las Vegas and Dallas. For more information about his paintings and upcoming shows, visit www.dmasonart.com.

All that and more in this edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast.

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: #BlackWorkMatters: Workers Across America #FightFor15


#BlackWorkMatters: Workers Across America Protest To Raise Minimum Wage To $15

On Wednesday, protesters nationwide demanded $15 an hour minimum wage in a movement labeled with the hashtags #BlackWorkMatters and #FightFor15.

Recent reports state that the wealth gap is now the widest it’s been in nearly 30 years. On average, CEOs of major corporations make $300 for every dollar the average worker makes.

On Thursday, NewsOne Now guest host Mo Ivory and the Straight Talk panel featuring Glynda Carr, Co-Founder of Higher Heights, Melanie Campbell, Convener of the Black Women’s Roundtable, andStefanie Brown James, CEO of Vestige Strategies LLC, discussed the ongoing fight to raise minimum wage to a level that would allow the disproportionate numbers of minorities who are low-income workers the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty.

Anthony Ray Hinton Exonerated After 30 Years On Death Row

In 1985, Anthony Ray Hinton was convicted of two murders and sent to death row for crimes he did not commit.

Thirty years and several appeals later, Hinton was finally exonerated and released after serving one of the longest terms on death row in the state of Alabama’s history.

On Thursday, Hinton and his attorney, Bryan Stevenson, Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, joined guest host Mo Ivory on NewsOne Now to discuss Hinton’s exoneration and how he survived so long on death row.

No Child Left Behind: Are Standardized Tests Ruining Primary Education?

No Child Left Behind was the reauthorization of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act and was supposed to ensure that all children had equal opportunities to excel in school.

In the process of making sure that all children have access to a quality education an emphasis on testing was instituted which seemingly changed the focus of educating our youth to focusing on a test.

According to the 2013 PDK/Gallup Poll of Public Attitudes Toward Public Education, 77 percent of Americans believe increased testing has either hurt or made no difference in improving schools.

On Thursday, Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association appeared on NewsOne Now to discuss the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind and the impact that standardized tests are having in America’s classrooms.

WTH? Thursday: Epic Treadmill Fail Caught On Tape…AND MORE

It’s WTH?! Thursday on NewsOne Now, and we have compiled a list of the craziest stories trending in the news.

This week, guest host Mo Ivory is joined by comedian Lav Luv and radio hosts Kittie Kaboom andEddie Kayne.

To kick things off, we have an epic treadmill fail that was caught on tape during a workout session. Once the young man begins performing the “Crip Walk” … BOOM!


Then this happened. John Arthur Benedict, 69, followed and then pulled over a couple of undercover detectives while impersonating an officer. Cops say he tailed and then pulled over a pair of undercover detectives with Florida’s Lee County Sheriff’s Office while impersonating an officer driving in his Crown Victoria with a police emblem on the side. The fake cop called the incident a “senior moment,” but the real cops slapped a pair of cuffs on him anyway.


A 65-year-old German woman has decided to become a mom again. Annegret Raunigk, who is now five months pregnant, decided to give it one more go after her 9-year-old daughter said she would like a sister or brother. According to theguardian.com, after the request, the 65-year-old mother of 13 and grandmother of seven had quadruplets artificially inseminated at a clinic in Ukraine using sperm and eggs from anonymous donors.


All that and more in this special edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast.

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NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: Republicans Delay Loretta Lynch Confirmation


Republicans Delay Loretta Lynch Attorney General Confirmation

Democrats are up in arms over the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee’s handling of the confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch, who was nominated by President Obama to replace outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Supporters accuse Republicans of “slow-walking the vote,”

Discover Ancient Africa’s Influence On American Federal Symbols 

According to author and historian Anthony Browder the dollar bill, Washington Monument and the Library of Congress are all dripping with ancient African symbols.

Browder, author of “Egypt on the Potomac,” has spent the last 3o years of his life reaffirming the connection between the history and influence of Africa to modern times.

Browder considers himself to be a “Memory Recovery Specialist,” specializing in digging into African American history to “uncover those things that we weren’t supposed to know and then reveal them to people with the greatest need to know this information.”

He told Mo Ivory, guest host of “NewsOne Now,” When you consider our history and the fact that our history has been erased, our past has been erased and the erasure has been forgotten — we don’t know that we don’t know what we don’t know.”

The “Memory Recovery Specialist” later said, “Washington DC is the city of secrets. There are secrets in the White House, the Capitol, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA.”

“The greatest secrets in the capitol of the greatest nation on earth have literally be hidden in plain sight. What better way to hide a secret than to put it in the open where everybody can see it and all you need to do is to separate people from their ability to remember what those symbols were.”

Browder then said it is his job to “remind people.”

Browder highlighted a serious of monuments in Washington DC that have ancient African influence incorporated into their designs. Take a look at some of the monuments Browder revealed on “NewsOne Now.”

Lincoln Memorial and Statue of Ramses II

Washington Monument and Luxor Temple Obelisks

Moorish Seal on the US Dollar and Horus the Falcon God


For more info on Browder’s research and for the Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip  visit www.ikg-info.com.

Beyoncé’s Twist On ‘Crazy In Love’ Steams Up ’50 Shades of Grey’

Beyoncé puts a sexy, surprising new twist on her decade old song, “Crazy In Love” for the new movie, “50 Shades of Grey.”

The film’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson told HipHollywood, “That piece of music, when it was played, it was so pitch perfect.”

Taylor-Johnson added, “She’s (Beyoncé) just the perfect embodiment of a strong woman, a sort of sexually in control woman and those sentiments fit well with the movie.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.


NewsOne Now Audio Podcast: “Less-Lethal” Gun Attachment Tested In #Ferguson


#Ferguson Cops Testing New Non-Lethal Weapon

Six months after the murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown, Ferguson police are testing a less-lethal gun attachment in an effort to prevent unwanted shooting deaths.

The attachment being used by Ferguson police officers is manufactured by Alternative Ballistics is a one-time use device that is supposed to knock a suspect down, not kill them with one caveat. The manufacturer can no guarantee that the person shot by one of the projectiles will not be killed.

Currently there are five Ferguson police officers testing the device on the streets. Once the trial period is over, the city will make a decision whether or not the entire police department will be equipped with the less-lethal attachment.

On Friday “NewsOne Now” guest host, Mo Ivory and the Straight Talk panel discussed the use of the so-called less-lethal gun attachment being used on the streets of Ferguson on a trial basis.

“NewsOne Now” panelist Ray Baker shared his view on the device and the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers.

“Ferguson Police Department is ready and willing to engage citizens as if they’re in combat. As long as the police department has this idea that they’re in combat, it’s going to be problematic no matter what the device is.”

Baker continued, “The attachment itself seems to be a very poor idea as a way to conduct police activity.”

Baker agreed with critics of the device and also pointed out a critical flaw in this approach to less-lethal force saying, “To take the time to put the attachment on to the front of the gun is going to be problematic.

He later stated, if a police officer is not in a life or death situation where they want to subdue someone, “they probably should not be using their gun in that situation anyway.”

Dartmouth College To Launch 10 Week #BlackLivesMatter Course

#BlackLivesMatter grew from a hashtag to a movement and is now a college course at Dartmouth College.

Starting in the spring, the Ivy League college will launch a 10 week, 10 professor #BlackLivesMatter class examining race, violence and inequality throughout history as well as through the prism of Ferguson and similar events. 

On Friday, “NewsOne Now” guest host Mo Ivory, Republican Strategist Staci Johnson, Political / Lifestyle Blogger, Dru Ealons and Ray Baker of Ray Baker Media discussed the significance of the storied Ivy League institution offering the class and if it should be instituted on college campuses around the nation.

Baker told Ivory there is no need for Howard University and other HBCU’s to institute a #BlackLivesMatter course because their “entire function is #BlackLivesMatter.”

He later added, “Some may want to celebrate the #BlackLivesMatter course at Dartmouth, I’m disappointed that it is happening now. In that course they are going to talk about redlining, housing discrimination — how that’s lead to the prison industrial complex. If Dartmouth is supposed to be among the premiere universities in our nation and the prison industrial complex is ruining large swaths of our nation, why are they just now talking about this?”

Ivory said, “Every time something is done in our country or around our educational system that is marked as an improvement for African Americans we can say ‘it happened too late, it should have happened before.’”

She continued these courses should be a part of American Education. “Police brutality did not start with Ferguson … #BlackLivesMatter did not just happen when that (shooting death of Michael Brown) happened in Ferguson.”

All that and more in this edition of the NewsOne Now Audio Podcast.